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Photo of Elle, a Black woman with dark lipstick and wearing earrings

Poetikelle is a monthly column written by Elle Gray. Elle is an associate professor of history. Her research and teaching interests include black women’s history and current representations, southern labor history, and construction and maintenance of gender and race. Mothering is central to her identity and her work–she is a mama, guardian, godmama, and other-mama. Those experiences have shaped her politics, her research, and her feminism. Elle has published academically and as a fiction author.


Image description: photo of Noemi a brown person of color, with black-red curly hair looking off center at the camera not smiling, dark lipstick. They are wearing a black shirt that reads decolonize: body love.

In Remedios, Noemi will be writing about food, poverty and writing and the intersections of living in a queer crip brown body, being a single mami in a medically complex family and survival in times of resistance and war. The occasional recipe and pics of dishes might show up as well as pieces of dreams, poems and truths. Noemi is a is a poet-curandera, writer, historian and cultural worker with Mexican and Caribbean roots.



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