Submission Guidelines

Poems and Numbers is an online space that publishes the work of women of color, Black women & Indigenous women who face class+race and multiple marginalization including disability/being crip and neurodiversity. We want to receive work by queer, trans, immigrant mujeres, by high school drop outs and by sex workers, by faith healers and brujas, your words and actions here. For so long have our poems and odd posts have not found homes, our anger deemed inappropriate and not fitting a certain style.  I wanted to provide that platform.


Submissions for issues will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Multiple submissions are fine for a total of five submissions.

We do not publish reviews. Consider sending reviews of literature, poetry and chapbooks by people of color to  @ Hermana Resist Press. 


Send us 1-5 poems.  Experimental, postcard lines, art combined with poetry pieces.

Add poetry submission to the subject line and your last name.

Spoken Word

Send audio or video to Video/audio must have transcriptions included with submissions. Please do not send youtube links.

Add spoken word submission to the subject line and your last name.


You may submit up to 3 pieces at a time. Let us know if these are considered a set or single pieces. Send your images as attachments, along with their titles and artist statement in a document. For accessibility to people who use screen readers, who are blind, who have visual processing disorders and/or low vision,  you will be asked to also submit a short description of your pieces. It’s up to you on how in depth you would like to describe your artwork. For example, noting race, skin color, eye color can be of importance when noting white supremacy in popular culture or dominant culture or if the image header or art piece features a person of color.  Here’s a short article on how to write descriptions to make images accessible to people who are blind.

Add art submission to the subject line and your last name.


Word count under 200. We want flash creative microfiction. Send work in a word document or a google link along with the required note (see below) and a third person bio and any social media links.

Add Microfiction submission to the subject line and your last name.


Submit a finished essay, pitch idea, column ideas to our email address. Let us know in the subject line your focus, ie-column, essay, blog submission.

Submissions and column ideas should be sent to

Add column submission to the subject line and your last name.

When submitting:

You can submit more than one genre but please limit total submissions to 5 if you are submitting in more than one genre.

This is a volunteer run platform and we cannot offer payment at this time. We do not charge for submissions.

Sim subs: who are we to say where you send your stuff. But please let us know as soon as your work is selected elsewhere.

Wait 6 months please submitting again.

Response time: Please allow 1-2 months for a response time.

We cannot offer payment at this time.

Include a short bio of 100 words in your email in third person and any links to be included.

You may submit previously published work if it was published more than one year ago. Please let us know where it was published so we can give credit.

By submitting your work you confirm that the work submitted is original and you are the sole creator.

If you are using a pen name that is meant to convey a person of a different, marginalized group such as a person of color when you are not a person of color, don’t do it. We’d get angry and throw a twitter tantrum. Don’t submit to us using a pen name that is meant to “sound” like a person of color if you are a white person.

Writers accepted for publication grant Poems and Numbers Serial Rights. Following publication, all rights revert back to you.

If your work is selected, you give us permission to share your work, name & bio on our site and social media.

Your work may be edited prior to publication for grammar and punctuation. We will send a copy of work before it is finalized.

By submitting, you understand and agree to these terms. These terms will be sent to you if your work is selected.


⇒Submissions and questions should be sent to